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From the 1940’s to early 1960’s there was a group called All Volunteer Kenmore Senior High School which was active in promoting class reunions by hosting annual or semi-annual dances which raised money for a modest scholarship. The Class of ’55 contributed to the scholarship fund every five years. During the 1960’s the All Volunteer Kenmore Senior High School group took a break and reunited in 1990 when they threw the All Kenmore West High School 50th Reunion, which was spearheaded by Dr. Jim Metzger (’52). After the success of this reunion, Dr. Jim Metzger and Bill Jack (’55) sponsored another reunion, the 60th All Kenmore West High School reunion which occurred in 2000.

During 1990 and 2000, the Kenmore West Alumni Association started a scholarship committee and resumed giving a scholarship in the amount of $2,000. The original scholarship committee was Dr. Jim Metzger, Elaine Crawford (’55), Dick Grove (’51), Charles Kristich and Bill Jack. In addition, during this time, a 501c3, Kenmore West Alumni Foundation was formed by Reggie Newman, Bob Weber and Elaine Crawford.

Donations to fund scholarships to graduating Kenmore West students going onto 2-year and 4-year College/University are made by Kenmore Senior High and Kenmore West High School alumni, faculty (active and retired), community members and friends of the school.

Additionally, there are two privately funded 2-year scholarships which are the Hoehn Family Scholarship, and the Nelson Karro bequest.

The Kenmore West Alumni Association is "parent" of the separate Kenmore West Alumni Association. Both volunteer organizations work together in promoting and supporting the goals of Kenmore West Alumni Association scholarship/award giving.

To date, the Kenmore West Alumni Association has given almost $600,000 in scholarship funds to graduating seniors.

Alma Mater

We sing to you, Oh Alma Mater;
We spread your praises far and near.
We’re proud to be your sons and daughters;
Your honor we uphold as dear.
For years you’ve always held before us
Ideals that are both find and true;
So now we pledge, Oh Kenmore High School
Our loyalty to you.

-- Written by Dorothy Rainer Kamm | Class of 1929


Kenmore West Alumni Association Officers

President: Bill Jack ’55
Vice President: Charlie Kristich ’52
Secretary: none
Treasurer: Ron Wheeler ’64

Kenmore West Alumni Foundation, Inc. Officers

President: Bill Page ’81
Vice President: Mercedes Calway '04
Secretary: Sandra Hoehn ’55
Corresponding Secretary: Carol Steuernagel ’72
Treasurer: Paul Cramer ’59

Board of Directors

Carol Steurnagel
Michele Ianello-Ward
Art Plant
Sandra Hoehn
Mercedes Calway
Bill Jack
Steve Ash
Victoria Weise
Bill Page
Steve Ash
Paul Cramer
Elaine Crawford
Tim Lynch
Ron Wheeler

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Kenmore West Alumni Association
33 Highland Pkwy, Buffalo, NY 14223

Phone: 716-874-8401 (Option #6)

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